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Ceramic Bobbin Heaters

Ceramic bobbin heat Another type of heating element is the ceramic heating element. Various types are shown As below, As a rule this type of elements is fitted in a metal tube for applications In liquids, ovens (in this case a robust construction is essential), gas-and air heaters.


Construction example
• Threaded termination
• Terminal former - A. Terminal former with terminations
• Center former with channel - B. Center former with channel
• Resistant wire - C. End former
• End former


Ceramic bobbin heater in Silica glass & SS container for corrosive liquid
Construction : Manufactured out of imported fused Silica/Glass tube with replaceable refractory type heaters, with a heat resistant rubber cap and a connecting connecting cable. In SS container we use SS 304, SS 316, SS316L and 99.9% pure lead coating on SS tube for highly corrosive liquid. Application : Highest running temperature in all acids except hydro fluoric and phosphoric acids. Also used for heating in Ferric chloride etching baths, anodizing bright dip baths etc.
Note :- please see the sheathing material guide for corrosive liquid.