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Chemical Immersion Heaters

  • 35-watts/square inch (5.4 watts square centimeter) 240 volts standard, 415 and other voltages available.
  • Choice of steel, stainless steel (304 and 316) and titanium sheath materials.
  • For plating tanks, rinse tanks and other aqueous solutions. Low watt density models available for phosphatizing and concentrated aqueous solutions.
  • Single-phase standard, three phases available as an option.



  • Heavy duty, long lasting construction.
  • Standard thermal protection (replaceable heater).
  • Grounded for safety.
  • Vapor tight terminal enclosure.
  • Bottom mount designs available for even heating and varying solution levels.
  • Pipe OD from 40 mm to 65 mm


  • 10 TO 15 watts/square inch nominal
  • 120, 240, 480, volts standard,
  • Compatible with most plating tank solutions, inert to acids, anodizing and pickling solutions up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) temperature.
  • Round u shape z shape L-shaped configurations available to meet your application.
  • Heater are available in various sheathing SS 304, SS 3416, SS 316L, MICOLOy 800, INCOLOY 600
  • Titanium, 99.9 % pure lead



  • Low watt density for even heating and long service life.
  • Grounded internal metal element for safety.
  • Lightweight, non-floating construction.
  • Vapor tight terminal enclosure.
  • Single or three phase models available.
  • Custom lengths available. Consult factory.
  • Flexible leads available.


  • 26-watt/square inch (4watts/square centimeter) nominal.
  • 240, 415 volts standard, and other voltages available.
  • For plating tanks, pickling and other acidic aqueous solutions.
  • Not for use in hydrofluoric acid or alkaline solutins.
  • Single-phase standard,

    Features :

  • Heavy duty, long lasting construction.
  • Heating elements and/or quartz tube assembly replaceable.
  • Vapor tight rubber terminal enclosure