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Micro Heaters

Mini coil heaters lend themselves to a variety of applications. Because of its Flexibility mineral insulated cable can be coiled, formed, wrapped around pipe or used straight. Open wound mini coil heater can be used as Cartridge heater where irregular size bores are found. More often however Mini coil heaters are used on plastic injection molding machine bushings and for machine nozzles

    Technical Data for Coil Heaters
  • Leads: 1000 mm Teflon
  • Diameters can be made to your specification
  • Voltage : 220/230/240V
    Forming specifications :
  • Any Diameter is possible above 6.35mm (.250)
  • Any length with consideration of technical information
    Options :
  • Custom clamping band in both Axial and Flange lockup, any length
  • Type J or K thermocouple wound with coil heater
  • Wattage tolerance +2 % or +10%
  • Pressed on sheath
  • Ground wire
  • CE/CSA rating

Mini coil heaters

    Mini coil heaters features
  • Low profile construction allows easy access for multiple gate moulds
  • Long lead cold section beyond clamp prevents overheating of lead Connections
  • Stainless steel band available for screw operated clamping methods
  • Provides uniform heat source for entire circumferences of nozzle
  • Optional insulated thermocouple available