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Cast Coil Heaters

The new cast coil heater from data industries offers a direct replacement heater in many nozzle applications. All elements of the heater have been designed to work together to give and efficient and reliable heater that correctly clamps to the nozzle. The inner sleeve is made of Nickel Plated Copper or brass for maximum heat transfer to the nozzle., typically the thermal expansion.Technical data Nickel Plated Copper Inner Sleeve For Improved Heat Transfer
Slip Fit Tolerance +/- 0.013 mm (0.0005)
Outer Sleeve Made Od Stainless Steel 304
Better Than +/-2% Resistance Tolerance Hermetically Sealed For Long Life
Wattage & voltage tolerance +/-2%
Surface loading up to 90/w in sq
Surface temperature 550 deg. C

Applications & advantages

Heating nozzle & busing for hot runner mold
D similar application for pressure die casting nozzles
Highly non-corrosive
Maximum heat transfer due to more contact area
Even temperature profile
Ss casting acts as an insulator
Avoids decoiling & withstands pressure during

Cast-in Heaters : Plastics Processing
Datta Industries is a leading manufacturer of cast-in electric heaters for the plastics processing industry. Inside diameter and widths are customized to fit any extruder size available. Datta controls all anufacturing processes from element manufacturing through our foundry and CNC machining to deliver heater products that exceed your expectations. These heaters are manufactured in both in aluminum and bronze alloys depending on the operating temperatures required. A wide variety or electrical and cooling tube terminations are available as standard options