We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Mica Band Heaters. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our Mica Band heaters are made of Nickel Chrome resistance ribbon precisely wound on specially selected Mica or Micanite sheet. It is then insulated by covered by metal sheathing and rolled to the required shape. We build every technically possible heater as per your requirement.


Mica insulation provides excellent dielectric strength while permiiting rapid and efficient heat migration through the sheath of the heater and into and the object requiring heat. The use of mica llows the mass of the mass of the heater to be kept to a minimum , thus redusing weight, accelerating heat transfer , and keeping costs to a minimum. Datta mica bands are encased in electro-galvanized steel with stainless steel sheath offered as optional.


High quality resistor ribbon or wire is precisely wound over mica cores and terminated to either stainless steel terminal posts designed to allow slippage rather than be twisted off, or connected to nickel alloy lead wires.

ceramic bobbin heaters
ceramic bobbin heaters

Ceramic bobbin heater in Silica glass & SS container for corrosive liquid:

Mica insulated heaters operate best and provide the longest life when the sheath temperatures are held below 250oC. Applications

  •   Plastic processing Machinery.
  •   Injection and Blow Molding.
  •   Extruders
  •   Many other Applications. (Medical, Lab-equipment's)

  • Features:
    •   Rust resistant Sheath.
    •   Top quality Nickel Chrome ribbon.
    •   Max. 25 watts per sq. Inch.
    •   Max. Operating temperature up to 250oC
ceramic bobbin heaters